Export with the grouping options

Hello all,

I just figured out that using grouping within Blender and export the whole scene with chicken don’t really work :
All the objects being exported are being replaced by the very first group object in Blender. In other words, if I’m having two groups (let’s name them “panda” and “terrain”) in blender from two Blend files and I export as usual with chicken, the result will be two Pandas instead of one panda and one terrain.

I tried that with chicken R74 and R81.

This can be easily bypassed by importing the whole meshes but I’ve always used the grouping with linking different libraries which is so helpfull if we need to change our original panda or terrain.
Is it an other option that will be added ?

Regs :wink:

Chicken uses groups to do instancing of other .egg files, rather than just grabbing the groups data and dumping it into the same file. Go read the manual and it will explain. Effectively Chicken is doing what Blender is doing, but its a little more manual - primarily because you have to manually export the instanced geometry. Just be careful with the file name determination stuff - its easy to get wrong if your not paying enough attention, and can easy instance the wrong object and cause issues such as the duplication you mention.