export meshes with collision

Well, i tried to export collision nodes with meshes but i dont have clear what to do, if someone using blender has made it, will be helpful if tell me. Since over there are many tutorials but none seen about collision.


hmm, unfortunately chicken documentation is a bit short, could not export collision detection, but i saw in stage´s roaming ralph that the environment was made in maya, it could be a chicken issue.

You can export collision information from Chicken fine - you just need to tag the relevant mesh to be for collision detection… go read section 3.6 of the Chicken manual. Nobody goes into any detail on this as it is the same as making normal geometry - the only difference is the step where you tag it as collision geometry, which takes all of 5 seconds.

oh yes, i tried with tags, with properties, every mesh just like image shows in section 3.6, but when i export the mesh, i look into egg file and no “collide” tag found… is obligatory that appears? or collide is just a name given in tags…

I have like this :

After selecting a mesh, went to logic, add property, select string, name = wall , cube . Then add another with int, name = wallTag, value 3.

Then export… is right like this?? …

That is how you apply tags, but tags are not collision info - Chicken converts certain tags automatically into non-tag things, such as collision info. For that you need a tag with ‘Collide’ as its name, of type string, with something like ‘polyset’ as the data. Note that it is case sensitive, so it must be ‘Collide’, and not, say ‘collide’.

I have written Collide and set polyset name as data, then when i see the preview or load the models from directStart, those meshes with the tag are not showed, that thing was not happen without Collide name Tags, thats mean is working but i´m skipping something…

The modeler view with the logic set i made.

And results.

Note that i repeated the process with wall, so that because is not showed too.

Try the value “polyset keep descend” instead. The keyword “keep” is the key here - it indicates that the model should not be hidden but also kept as visible geometry.

Yah!, that was the point… ! thank to both

Dear folks,

where could I find information about the differences between

ObjectType barrier


Collide polyset

how come that ther seem tobe two things named differently having the same effect


In Panda’s Config.prc file, you can find this definition (among others):

egg-object-type-barrier         <Collide> { Polyset descend }

This means that { barrier } is translated exactly to { Polyset descend }. The ObjectType mechanism is designed to be a convenience.


Thanks David,

but today I’m thicker as usual:

Blender Model
no property — visible, no collision------OK
Property: Name: ObjectType Value: barrier ------ invisible, collision------OK

that is expected—

Blender Model:
Property: Name:Collision, Value:polyset keep descend
Objects are visible but Collision Objects are invisible clustered in the Center of Model


It sounds like something might be wrong with the handling of the transforms under a “keep” flag. Try applying this collide setting on a per-object basis, instead of to the top of the scene.