Export blend to panda3d with texture

Hello I don’t know much about blender.
I would like to export a blend file that I found on the internet in bam
I downloaded and installed the plugin to export my model in bam format

but when i open bam with panda3d i don’t have any texture, why ?
i try with many different models but i have same problem

i share blender model (it’s 3 trees with texture)

how can i export to bam with texture ?
I select all element in blender with maj + a
i click to file > export > panda3d (bam)
for texture i use recommanded option (Copy)
i click to export

but bam file have no texture

thnaks for advance for your help

Where did you download the BAM exporter?

here :

This is not a very common exporter, especially since it does not support animation. Try this one - https://github.com/09th/YABEE.

If you need to get a BAM file. You can do this with this tutorial - https://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Converting_Egg_to_Bam. You are guaranteed to get the desired file.

I can’t seem to click your link to access the file. Adding it as an attachment would be better.

The .bam exporter supports textures just fine, so there should be no issue with using it. You could also consider filing a bug report on the Bam exporter GitHub issue tracker instead, though.

thanks for your help, i try with yabeee and export blend to egg
I tried all the possible settings but I don’t understand I can’t do it

but i have same problem, egg have no texture

example model from official blender with bmw car :

i open bmw27_cpu.blend
i select all object with A
i click in file and export to egg
i open egg file with panda viewer but i have white car (no orange texture)

i try with other example :

tree have not texture, i have only white tree with panda viewer

thanks advance for your help

  1. Shader textures need to bake.
  2. UV Mapping is required for panda3D.

Try exporting this file:
Demo.zip (388.3 KB)

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thank it’s work !
i have last problem with some models, for example :

when i export to egg i have only the leaves no tree why ?
or for last example with car
i don’t have the tires from the car, why?

thnaks for advance for your help

That BMW scene should really be treated more as an exporter stress test than a basic demo. It is a very complicated file and is bound to find all sorts of corner cases in an exporter. For example, my guess is the wheel issue has something to do with dupli-groups, which an exporter may not even support.

I suppose you should understand that for the game engine 3D models should be optimized. You can not just take and export to the engine. I suggest to read the discussion: https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/682329-correct-modeling-for-game-developement-poly-count/

On the issue of wheels, note that they are actually on a different layer.