Export a spline from Blender

Hi there,

could you help - how can I export a spline from Blender?
Seems like chicken exporter does not work for them.
If so, how can I possible do a spline (what software), and export it into panda?


Chicken does in fact support exporting curves, but its disabled by default. If you open the chicken_export*.py file in a text editor and search for ‘CURVE_SUPPORT = False’ and change ‘False’ to ‘True’ that will enable it. Its not a well tested feature however, and blender version dependent (I don’t know which version is required, though I guess 2.48 should suffice.) so I’m not sure how much luck you will get with it. Please report back if it works though - I’ld be curious to know!

Sure, I will check and reply soon.