Experiences with Google Sketchup

Hi folks,

did anyone have experience with importing Google sketchup models?

Kind regards,
Andrew Smart

We were able to do it via Maya. I believe the trick was to export to one of Maya’s common formats, then import to Maya, then use maya2egg. I’ll see if I can get more info tomorrow, when the artists come in.

You may want to look through the set of export formats Sketchup supports, and see if it overlaps with Panda’s importers.

Best of luck!

Hi Mark,

the supported formats “promise” that at least some of the model data can be moved into Panda3d, even maybe with using a third software package acting as converter. I could (and will) try it out but if I miss one of the important aspects I may be stuck later on.

But as you know the problems are then in the details :wink: So I was just wondering if someone did it already and if any problems are known.

But thanks for the input!