Expanded manual page on Text Fonts

I just expanded a little the manual page on Text Fonts, available here. I added a section on Font Quality and one on Alternative Render Modes. Comments and feedback are welcome.

P.S. I edited the subject line and text because the expression “beefed up” suddenly felt unprofessional!

there is acctually 2 ways to control quality

setPixelsPerUnit and set Scale

the set scale one does not mean what you think it means. I think it should also get mentioned. I also think i found a bug in the way panda3d interfaces with trueType library on windows. I hope to get some time to investigate, as i continue on my quest with pixel perfect fonts.

Hehehe, it’s going to be tricky to think something different unless you tell me how differently I should think! =)

Go ahead and rewrite the relevant portion if you want, or propose here the wording of the change and I’ll modify the page.