Examples unexpectedly quit in Panda3D 1.4.2 but not in 1.2.3

I can’t run Carousel and Labyrinth(Ball in Maze) in 1.4.2 nor 1.3.2.
I also can’t run BVW demo (that panda and bamboo game) in 1.4.x.

But things are fine in 1.2.3 and I have to delete/comment lighting codes in Carousel.

Meanwhile, the BVW Panda-Bamboo game works fine in the version other than 1.4.x

My Computer specs:
Windows XP Home
AMD Athlon 1.4GHz
ATI Mobility U1 (No shaders, only one pipeline, equivalent to Radeon 7500)

the api hash changed

Hi Raden,

thanks for pointing that out. Question is if it is your graphics “card” or the shaders api as treeform mentioned. I am not a shaders geek at all - so maybe one of the more advanced shaders folks can take a look into these examples if they do work or maybe change the code in the repository? :smiley:

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Regards, Bigfoot29

Both samples work well here, and both don’t use shader at all. It could be graphics driver issue. Are you using the latest stable one ?
What’s the error in the console output ?
What’s your OS ?
There are some different broken parts depend on the OS, more precisely, the compiler.

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Meh… it was such an good try… :confused:

We should talk about it as soon as panda3d.org is back fully working. In general not a bad idea. :slight_smile:

Regards. Bigfoot29

I use Windows XP Home Edition

The game suddenly quit and a window pops up and says something like:
“Panda3D have to quit unexpectedly… We are sorry for inconvinience…”,
and have the Send Report and Don’t Send Report button.

I looked what caused the error in that error report window and it is some kind of Panda3D DLL.

some kind of Panda3D DLL ? What is it exactly ?
I’ve never found any hard crash caused by panda’s dll. Mostly it’s by MS C runtime (msvcr*.dll), ie. due to segmentation fault. Recently I found and fixed 1 of them :
If you experience the same error message with those pieces of code, then it’s segfaulting, but I have no idea how it doesn’t happen here for those samples.
And this one is another broken different part on Linux :