Evolution of Panda3D Engine Games 2003-2019 (video)

This is not my YouTube channel. I however thought that everybody here might enjoy seeing some Panda3D history.

Any Panda3D games this video missed?


Very good video, continued! :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks for sharing. Found my game in this video (some old footage) xD

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I recognized it!

I read somewhere that at some point, Panda3D was used to build roller coaster graphics. I think there’s a video of a dev talking about it on YouTube. I don’t believe I’ve seen footage of those programs, though.

It was used for the Midway Mania ride at Disneyland and possibly some others. Disney also created some VR attractions in the 1990s that were built using technology that was used as the foundation for Panda.

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Aside from that, Disney Imagineering used (uses?) Panda3D in their DISH, a CAVE set-up that is used for previsualisation of theme park rides. I can’t find much footage of it, but this appears to be an example:

More info:

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The only other project comparable to this that I can remember would the MIT Media Lab, and their (I suppose old at this point) room scale immersive VR attempts with interactive characters. Hamlet on the Holodeck goes into lots of detail about it. I’m not sure what engine they were using.

Very cool to see Panda3D being used way outside the normal envelope.