Every IDE does not detect Panda 3D keywords

I’m new in panda, and I wantede to use an IDE.
I tried several IDE (Aptana, Jetbrains, Netbeans, Komodo EDIT, etc…) but I noticed every one cannot make code completion on panda keywords (e.g. NodePath).
I know I need to “explain” to the IDE where the keywords are located, so I included in search path:
python, direct, include, etc…

But the problem persist.
Please can you tell me what I need to include (e.g. in Aptana) to get Code completion for Panda keywords working?

One thing more:
Which IDE are able to automatically write “include” by checking my code (I come from java and, thanks to netbeans, I can write code and netbeans resolve the include/import).

THank you for your help!