Event if animation has finished


is there a way to get an event/callback from an animation when the animation has finished playing or reached a specific frame? I know the “isPlaying-Method” from AnimControll, but i dont want to ask every frame if the animaton is still playing.

You can use a doMethodLater() if you know how many seconds your animation will be. Or you can put an ActorInterval inside a Sequence, and throw an event following the ActorInterval.


Thanks, it works great with doMethodLater(). I get the seconds of my animation by dividing the frames through the framerate. So i can play various animations.

I think you’re making it too complicated, honestly. You can create a Sequence which will just play the things after eachother.

you’re right. I tryed actorIntervall and Sequence and it gave me a lot more of control. Thanks so much :smiley: