Estranged: my eerie unfinished liminal adventure game

Hey everyone!

Almost a year ago I started writing this game that became harder and harder to write, so I decided to stop working on it. I also figured I’d share it so anyone who wants can use the source code, or borrow some of the ideas from it! Why not?

Here’s some cool things about the game:

  • it uses numpy to create and reference a very very big self-generating map
  • it’s made too look really old on purpose, to give you a mixed sense of nostalgia and unease
  • the original goal of the game was to find a way out of the unit and learn about your past through visions and manifestations of your subconsious, however, I didn’t get this far in the code XD

Anyways, here’s the source code!

And here’s a more in depth presentation of it XD

thank you :smiley:


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