Error While opening App in fullscreen

Hey everyone,
i was trying to make a small prototype with Panda3D, well all things are going smooth except for one, opening the game in fullscreen. This is my .prc file:

window-title Test-Game
win-size 800 600
show-frame-rate-meter 1
fullscreen 1

and i am getting an error saying:

:display:windisplay(error): Videocard has no supported display resolutions at specified res (800 x 600 x 32)
:ShowBase(warning): Unable to open 'onscreen' window.

Does anyone know a way to fix this issue.

Well, it may be that a modern system doesn’t support having the monitor resolution be as low as 800x600–hence the error.

You might fix this, perhaps, by getting a listing of available resolutions and setting your window-size to one of those before entering full-screen. (Or, of course, by getting the current monitor resolution and using that.)

I think that you might be able to get such a listing of available resolutions with code along the following lines:

        self.resolutionList = []
        displayInformation = base.pipe.getDisplayInformation()
        for index in range(displayInformation.getTotalDisplayModes()):
            self.resolutionList.append((displayInformation.getDisplayModeWidth(index), displayInformation.getDisplayModeHeight(index)))

Thanks man really helpful, it would be nice if new Panda3D versions are able to change their res automatically when they are opening in fullscreen.

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Fullscreen mode and maximum screen resolution are different variables for graphics card drivers. Fullscreen mode is a window status flag and has nothing to do with resolution. For example, you may want to fit the size 800, 600 to 1920, 1080 by scaling it. Therefore, the full-screen mode flag is needed so that the driver can know when to scale the image and when not.