Error when converting .mb to .egg


I have recently had trouble converting a 3D file from .mb to .egg. It seems it is only on some files it won’t work and I tried on multiple computers, so I am quite sure something is off with the Maya file.

I use Maya 2018 and Panda3D I do not understand the error message, but perhaps you can help me identify the issue. The full error message can be seen here.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I am just replying my self, as I fixed it. Perhaps someone else will have the same issue in the future.
I narrowed down the error to being caused by two things: using EXR as textures and having aiStandardSurface shaders on objects. Simply removing them did not resolve the issue, but if I exported the geometry and applied another shader and texture, it worked. Notice, that it did only work if I exported selected geometry, not all geometry - even though I selected all geometry.