Error on some computer

Hi everyone,

Previously I’ve done a topic on an strange error that some of the people playing my game had when installing it and trying to launch it.

I need your help on this one. The executable was done with packpanda. It works perfectly on my computer and some others, with or without Panda3D installed.

I had the chance that on my girlfriend computer, the error show up.

Here is the problem. The installation goes well, the game launch but just before loading the menu, I got the following error, and only on SOME computers… Also, it work perfectly with when running the source code, so it’s definitly something with packpanda!

Please HELP ME! In 2 weeks, I will go to the Arcadia Festival in Montreal to show my game (as a university student project) and I will talk of Panda 3D a lot (good publicity) and I really want my executable to work so people interested in the game can download it and try it!

Hope to hear from you soon!


I believe this is an occasional bug that we fixed in 1.5.3. Which version of Panda have you been running?



I think I compile this with packpanda on version 1.5.2. I will recompile a new .exe with the new version on Panda3D and redo the test!

I’ll keep you informed today



Note that there is a bug in packpanda in 1.5.3.
So, after you’ve upgraded to 1.5.3, you need to replace the file in C:\Panda3D-1.5.3\direct\src\directscripts\ with this one: … ision=1.16
(for some reason the forums don’t parse the URL correctly, please copy&paste it instead of clicking on it.)

Hey guys!

With the help of the 2 of you, I don’t have bug on my 2 test computers so I guest everything is ok!

Thanks a lot and have a great day!