Error loading fbx file in Panda3D with Assimp


Since the new update of Panda3D (10.1.5), my issue loading certain fbx files is back. (Assimp in Panda3D doesn't load model properly) I checked to make sure I didn’t write an homemade fix in Panda3D version 10.1.2 and overwrite it by accident, but it wasn’t the case. I used loadPrcFileData("",“notify-level-assimp debug”) to see what was happening with Assimp (to be sure that node weren’t prune).
This is an example of a not working fbx file with a little script to see the output. (49.2 KB)

The output:

As you can see in the output, it seems to load the model correctly (with the in_Sphere001/002 as joint)

But I can’t seem to find these joint and/or a Character/Actor node in the nodepath. My final goal is to be able to move the joints (in_Sphere001/002).

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

And you’re certain that this is a regression caused by an upgrade of Panda?

How did you install Panda, and on which OS are you?

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I checked between the version that I used before (v.1.10.2) and this one (v.1.10.5) and I still have the same issue. So it’s not a version issue! I had problems with Character before and I created a workaround where I find nodes that are a Character Type (self.model.findAllMatches("**/+Character")) and create an Actor node with them. I was then using the controlJoint function to modify the transform. But now, it seems that it can’t detect or find Character type nodes anymore after loading my model. (I’m on windows 10)

Hi @rdb !

Have you found something according to my problem? I tried to search in the scene graph but I really can’t find a Character node (or PartBundle Node) even though it seems to be created in the assimp_loader.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think this issue may have been fixed:

However, the fix did not make it into any of the 1.10.x releases. You could try a 1.11 development build, such as this one:

I totally forgot about it. Thanks a lot!! Is there a reason why it didn’t make it in the 1.10.x release?