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Before using the RefluxEase night-times were a regular misery! When laying in the flat sleeping position for more than 10 minutes I experienced a prolonged burning sensation in my stomach. On many occasions I would suddenly be awoken from a deep sleep gasping for breath after bile moved up from my stomach to lodge in my throat and block my airway. My Wife was very concerned by this occurrence and consequently she too was having restless sleep worrying that I might choke!

I can say, with all honesty that the RefluxEase makes a considerable difference to me being able to sleep comfortably. My Wife has mentioned that since I have been using the RefluxEase she too has a more relaxed nights sleep. If you would like to experience a better nights sleep with the RefluxEase, click here to go to our shopping page or if you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Using The RefluxEase Wedge Pillow

This picture show the RefluxEase positioned against the headboard and in line with the edge of the bed. In this case we show one pillow. It is the users choice how many pillows they find comfortable, or not to use any pillows at all. This picture shows the smooth “roll over” at the thin edge of the pillow. The design is unique to the RefluxEase and cannot be found on any other acid reflux pillow. You can also see the thickness and quality of the foam used in the RefluxEase which, once again, cannot be found in many other cheaper pillows.

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This picture illustrates the generous size of the RefluxEase. Whether choosing to lie on your side or back there is plenty of space for the upper body and arms. The cover is made from 100% cotton and is easily removed for washing. We do not continue the cover to the underside of the pillow to allow the foam face to grip to the mattress top sheet.

It is most important that the user positions themselves with the lower edge of the RefluxEase just above the hips or in the small of the back. The lumbar support on the actual RefluxEase gives added support and comfort whilst lessening the ‘slide down’ effect. The gentle elevation of the upper torso is shown quite clearly and the extra pillow is supporting the head only. Many cheaper pillows are made with a very steep angle and do not have the very generous width of the RefluxEase. The body cannot adjust to the steep angle so sleep is continually interrupted.

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The benefits for the non-RefluxEase user are clearly shown in this picture. The lower sheet configuration remains undisturbed. The bed remains in the horizontal position and there is plenty of normal sleeping space. The other alternative would be to raise the head of the complete bed leaving the non-RefluxEase user in an uncomfortable position

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