Error in building 1.6.2 without python

Hi, I was trying to compile Panda3d 1.6.2 WITHOUT python from sources, using ppremake and MSVC 2008 express.

I found a build error in file panda/src/putil/config_util.cxx
The problem is that if you choose to build without python, in panda/src/putil/PythonCallbackObject.h the PythonCallbackObject class is NOT declared (protected in a #ifdef HAVE_PYTHON block), but in config_util.cxx there’s a:


call that’s not enclosed in #ifdef block, so it tries to reference an undeclared class giving a compilation error.
I think this should be fixed, just add the missing #ifdef block around that instruction.

Best regards

Probably it would be useful to remove /MAPINFO:LINES switch from LINK parameters in makefiles, since that switch has been removed since VS2005 and gives build errors. Thanks :slight_smile:

Right, thanks for the bug report. As it happens, this bug has already been fixed on the trunk. :slight_smile: