[ERROR] Import DirectStart not found.

When installing Panda3D, I realized it comes with a python 2.7.3 installation but I already own python 2.7.10 on my computer, it is now prompting me with an error.

Any thoughts?


During installation, you should be presented with the option to configure your existing Python installation to be able to find the Panda3D libraries. Did you install the same architecture of Panda (32-bit vs 64-bit) that you chose for your external Python installation?

To manually configure your external python installation to be able to find the Panda libraries, create a file called something like “panda.pth”, put in it (on two separate lines) the paths to the panda3d installation dir, and also to its “bin” subdirectory. Place the file in the Lib\site-packages directory of your Python 2.7.10 installation.

Thank you for the assistance rdb, but I figured I can just use a virtual machine to do my Python 2.7.10 work and use Panda host side, the weird idiosyncrasies of the installation isn’t worth the tinkering.

It’s also possible to use the “ppython” command instead of “python” to run your program, which is guaranteed to run Panda’s copy of Python. This might allow you to still use your other Python installation for other things.