Environment Building pipeline for Panda3d

Hi all,

How do you guys go about building environments for you games? For example if I want to build a hilly field for my game how would you go about doing that? What are your level building pipelines like?

So far what I’ve gathered searching on the forums is you build the geometry (terrain) and texture(Grass,Dirt…etc) and lighting in something like Blender or Maya and then export it as an egg file and then load that into Pandas level editor and use that to add level nodes such as static objects, player start…etc. Is this correct?

You could do like you said; an alternative is to use only Blender: you could make your levels in Blender and using some extra info (you might search in this forum if you are interested) like empty nodes and logic fields you can “attach” the logic writing the necessary code (as instance, an empty node with a specific name might be your player start point).

I am very much interested in that! Is there any place on the forum or website that gives a good guide on how to go about doing this?

Try reading these two posts (1, 2).