engine limitations

hello all i was wondering what the limitations are for the engine as in texture size and poly counts for models… any other information would be very helpful , also maximum map unit space and anything else you could think of that we shouldnt exceed. a couple of friends and myself are starting a project with this engine and i checked the faq but i didnt see any mention of the limitations. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Physical limitations of this sort are in the domain of your graphics hardware, not the graphics engine.

There’s not a specific limit with texture size, poly count, or anything like that with Panda3D; however, your particular graphics card may have problems with very large textures, and your frame rate may be poor if you put more polygons in the scene than your particular CPU/graphics card can process quickly.

These are exactly the same limitations you’ll find with any 3-d engine, of course, since it really comes down to what your particular hardware can handle.