elp for making perfect flash animation for panda3d..

wat is the best flash creator for animation for panda3d??
plz giv me some tips wat shud i do fo making a picture animation dialog for panda3d…

tnx evryone :wink:

Flash creator? i dont get the question. I think the only thing to create flash animations is adobe flash… :bulb:

No, search for “flash animation” “without flash”.

my bad guys, that was my classmate who posted the thread…

what i mean to say is that, what software is easy to use to create a cutscene, and at the same time acceptable in panda? any idea?

Your modeling program, if you want to use pre-rendered cutscenes, or your modeling program (creating motion paths) if you want to use on-the-fly rendered cutscenes.

ah, pro. can you elaborate further what exactly a “pre-rendered cutscenes” and “on the fly” rendered cutscenes?

A pre-rendered cutscene is one that you make in your modeling/animation program, render it to AVI, and play that AVI file in Panda.

Or, you could have cutscenes that are rendered by Panda and consist of some motion paths for objects and the camera.