The last project prototype i recently “finished” is EliteWars.

It’s a spaceshooter where you have the possibility to create your own spaceship. The server has to be started separetely (start-server.bat). It can also connect to a mysql server as storage backend, however large amount of shipstructures arent correctly handled by the interface.

Download the source and the installer:

ingame screenshot:

and a screenshot of the editor:

OMG! HOW FAST CAN YOU WORK! YOU JUST RELEASED SOME LIKE 3 DEMOS OR SUMETHING! GOOD JOB DUDE! err, is it agaisnt the rules to have a ton a caps?

Thats the font, its only capital :slight_smile:
or did i misunderstood you?

By the way, each project was about 3 to 6 weeks work. But i could reuse some parts of some projects in others (like the networking code i posted in the forums, the interface from ant-wars into elite-wars, etc.)

However, he is right. Nice work… 3 Demos/games isn’t bad at all :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29