Egg2bam treating joints as also group nodes

Howdy, I use a version of YABEE that works with my current version of blender and seems to export everything just fine as it should be. However, when doing Egg2Bam on the file for some reason it does properly generate the skeleton with the given rigs, but also generates a exact copy of the joints but instead as groups.

It does make it a bit difficult to work with, but I can’t seem to find any reason why egg2bam would even do this. I typically test by generating the bam then doing bam2egg back again. But in game the additional groups show up as well when printing out the nodes using ls().

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We don’t support modified versions of YABEE, and your question is another reason why we don’t. Your version is probably exporting your armatures with the Dart “structured” tag instead of the normal value “1”.


Thanks for the help! I thought structured was supported? I actually applied it my self through egg-optchar and not through YABEE, didn’t realize however that was outdated.

Using structured does what I need to do though, which is keep some mesh parts separate from the whole, but I assume I can just apply dart to those specific meshes I need to be kept separated as well?


Found it! If you use -flag for mesh nodes and -expose for joint nodes it works just fine and does what I need to do. Thank whatever for the community forms.

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