egg-palettize: modify uv coords, instead of texture matrix


When creating a texture atlas with egg-palettize, all source textures are modified to include a texture matrix to transform the 0/0 - 1/1 uv space to the new sub-image space of the combined texture.

Is there a way to tell egg-palettize to not adjust the egg files via the use of a texture matrix but to modify the UV coordinates directly? (Apply the texture matrix at palettize time an the UV coordinates?)

I’m asking because I’m concerned with performance. I didn’t run any performance tests yet, but clearly combining textures would give a better performance gain if Panda wouldn’t need to change the texture matrix for each sub-image.

Or (this just occured to me while typing) does panda maybe apply the texture matrix in an egg file at load time?



Panda applies the texture matrix in an egg file at load time. So no worries. In general, an egg file is interpreted as a loose description of the scene; there is little one-to-one correlation between the egg file and the actual structure created in Panda.

But if you were philosophically disturbed by the presence of a texture matrix in an egg file, you could remove it with egg-trans -t. :slight_smile:



Thanks, Dave!