egg-palettize: assigning a texture (not an egg) to a group?


I’m using egg-palettize and I want to partition my texture space into multiple groups.
I do understand that the “intended-panda-way” of doing that is to specify the groups for .egg files, but for my specific need it would be very handy if I could specify the group per texture:

:group group1 dir group1
:group group2 dir group2
:imagetype .png

#canapee.egg : group1
#shelf.egg : group1

# textures for static geometry
canapee01.png : force-rgba group1
shelf_stock_1.png : force-rgba group2

According to the help output of egg-palettize this should work, but it doesn’t.
This topic was already discussed once in the past:

But since the thread ends kind of unresolved, I thought I’d rather ask again.

So: is there a way of specifying the texture group per texture?

Thanks in advance,


Hrm, no. That got put on my list, but quickly shifted its way towards the bottom of a list that grows faster than it shrinks.

One workaround is to use egg-texture-cards to generate an egg file for each texture, and then assign those egg files to the groups you desire.