egg multi stage texturing question

I want to be able to load 3 images (via texture stages) into a single texture like thing. Some thing like this:

<Texture> Tex1 {
  <Scalar> format { rgb }
  <Scalar> wrapu { repeat }
  <Scalar> wrapv { repeat }
  <Scalar> minfilter { linear_mipmap_linear }
  <Scalar> magfilter { linear }

That does not work but looking at

There seem to be a way to do this. Maybe through?

But i am kind of confused on how to use this.

You don’t load 3 images into a single texture… you create 3 textures and apply them each to a single face. They are then applied in the order specified, each as a texture stage.

I don’t know if you use chicken but it fully supports this - apply multiple textures in Blender and they will all be applied to the face. It doesn’t give you any direct control over the operands, though it does interpret a few of the combine modes to allow for some level of intelligent mixing, plus has stencil support.

Thanks that worked!