egg-mkfont exiting without error messages

I’m using Arch Linux and the panda3d AUR package became obsolete due to a version conflict. So I switched to the panda3d-cvs AUR package wich is more up-to-date.

Since this switch, the spaces in my fonts became double sized. Somebody told me on the forum that I had to regenerate my eggs fonts with the up-to-date egg-mkfont.

But the new egg-mkfont exits with no error messages (just a warning) and my eggs and png are not overrided:

kivutar@macbook ~/code/tethical/client/fft/fonts $ egg-mkfont -noaa -sf 1 -o fftcoords.egg FFTCoordinates-12.bdf -ps 20 -ppu 12

:pnmtext(warning): Unable to set  to 10pt at 432 dpi.

You can find my code and fonts here: