egg material manipulation from command line

is there a tool that can manipulate the material settings in an egg file? I’ve looked through the list of Panda’s tools in the manual, but found only things for changing names, transformation and textures.

Many exporting methods are limited.
E.g. YABEE doesn’t write any ambient color to egg and doesn’t allow to have diffuse colors higher than 1.0 per channel. There’s also no way to define an alpha mode. There probably are more limitations I didn’t find yet. Also, I bet YABEE is not the only exporter with limitations.

Rewriting the egg file after every single export sounds like lots of boring repetetive work.

It would be nice to have a material tweaker for command line, so that one can write the material settings once and apply those after exporting every time.

You can easily write a simple Python tool that does this through the EggData interface. Many people have some EggData-based Python tool at some point in their pipeline.