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I wish to present to your attention the small program for simplification of operation with Panda3D. It is the first version not especially functional but in due course functionality will be will extend.
For operation it is necessary installed.NET Framework 3.5
To download it is possible while only here 275 KB.

Could you maybe post a description of what the program does, possibly some screenshots? I don’t think people will be likely to download some random program without having any clue of what it does.

also^ it would be nice if you’d make panda tools crossplatform. we have a huge number of non-windows users so .net dependent executables are impossible to run for them.
this also applies to me, i can’t test it because i cant run it.

I wrote this program for therefore have selected C #. I at first did not think it to spread in a network but after I have tried it in operation have solved will share with all. I understand what to start it without Framework probably but if there will be positive responses that the following version I I will try to copy as well on python, but now only Sharp version.

Care to explain what the program does?