- Egg file :pnmimage(error): too many colors - 257 -

I continue to make test on Panda3D before to choose it for ur next project.

The main problem actually is to have an complete and correct pipeline part with shader, normalmap, specularmap, etc…
with free 3d software.

I’ve make some test on a litle test level.
After converting with different tools and differents format i’ve got an error when i try to see it in pview :

:pnmimage(error): too many colors - 257

Is their some limitation about texture on egg file ?

Here is the different test :

roman.x from roman.obj using personal convertor.
roman_x2egg.egg from roman.x using x2egg.
[!] :pnmimage(error): too many colors - 257

roman_blender.egg from roman.obj importer in blender and using Chicken r44.
[!] :pnmimage(error): too many colors - 257

roman_from_blender.x from roman.obj importer in blender and using Blender *.X exporter.
roman_from_blender_x2egg.egg from roman_from_blender.x using x2egg.
[!] :pnmimage(error): too many colors - 257

roman.egg from roman.obj using obj2egg (thx a lot treeform).
[*] Correct pview (with out texture because mtl file not read and exported).

For those who want to test, here is the pack with model and with texture (shader and effect not in the pack) :
Test Level Panda3D

The main question i’ve (after the egg error) is what software you use for an complete game dev prod if you want to use Panda3D ?
I’ve to say that Panda3D is very interesting in game dev because it’s an real game engine not only an renderer but the pipeline way and tools are most orientated with maya.

Do you write your how convertor ? like treeform ? (well the only that work for now for me :p)
If any have some good advice for the “pipeline” part of the engine i’ll take it with pleasure (specification, special limitation, procedure to follow, …)

ps: it’s really impressive that all the exporter that have to respect an file format (well if we are in an perfect world :slight_smile:) have so different result in size (x file (2.9mo to 7.6Mo) and egg file (10mo to 28 Mo)).

No, this is a bug in the TGA image reader. It wasn’t equipped to handle TGA colormapped files with more than 256 colors in the colormap. It can handle rgb24-style TGA files just fine, and it doesn’t have any trouble with colormaps in other file formats. Sorry about that; TGA file format is not so often used these days.

I’ve checked in a fix to the TGA reader, so this will work better in the future; but in the meantime, you can simply convert these image files to a different file format, such as PNG or TIFF.

Since the original Panda3D developers used primarily Maya, it follows that that pipeline is the most fully developed. Other people in the Panda community use a variety of different software. Blender appears to be popular, maybe especially because it is free.

Yes, the egg file format is notoriously wasteful of space. Fortunately, space is not so expensive these days. The bam file format is much smaller.


I’ve remap the texture in PNG and look more better now.
i’ve some export pb in my pipeline with some format to have the normal map propertly done directly in the egg file.

I’ve to continu to check the engine :slight_smile:
Panda3D is really an great game engine and support the “good way effect” that you need in PC games now like shader en post effect.
For an coder the python binding is really fast to understand and very fast to learn.
The only bad things for now that frustated my a little is the pipeline part and the lack of generic tools like an world builder (just for place all your objet in a world) that let you need to write it (that add more primary dev time to dev tools (that we could re-use in other prod)).

Thx for your quick reply david