Egg file not loading

I am trying to make a game about planes. I have exported this egg file: panda3d - Google Drive
however, when i try to open it with pview, i get the error “Unable to load fighterplane/fighter.egg
:framework(warning): Empty bounding volume for models”. could someone please tell me why this error is occurring and how to solve it? i used the yabee exporter for blender.

When you exported with YABEE, did you have the model selected within Blender? YABEE only exports those objects that are selected.

Thus, if the model wasn’t selected, YABEE may have exported a file that was essentially empty. (Or that had whatever non-model elements that were selected, if any.)

Yes, the model was selected. the egg file has some code written in it and the tex folder was exported with it. I imported an STL file into blender for the main model. Any chance that could be causing errors?

Remove the underscore from the file name extension.

fighter.egg_ to fighter.egg

nevermind. i redid the entire process of exporting from the top in blender. it exported fine now. thank you for your help though.

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