Egg file format doesn't recognize GLTF files as external references

So I have an egg file I exported with Blender 2.79 and the 09th/YABEE exporter that contains references to a GLTF model I exported separately.
Using the egg syntax
However I don’t see the model when the egg file is loaded. I’ll provide the model and errors when I’m back on my computer. But if this has something to do with the language difference between the egg loader and the GLTF loader then I guess there’s no need to follow this up, is there?

Instead of using YABEE, can you use blend2bam?

If I recall correctly, the standard version of YABEE isn’t compatible with Blender 2.79–that version of Blender included some significant changes that broke compatibility between it and YABEE.

As a result, it may well be that the exportation simply didn’t work.

As panda3dmastercoder suggests above, perhaps try using “blend2bam” instead.

(There is an updated version of YABEE intended to work with Blender 2.79–but I gather that it’s somewhat specific to its creator’s project, and so not generally the recommended way to export.)

If you do want to use .egg files (though eventually they will become .bam files), you can use the bam2egg.exe script after using blend2bam

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