.egg converter

Hallo i got a question about the egg files.
I use max2009 and my question is if it is possible to create a egg file with the textures from max?
When i export it to egg files and ask for a preview i only get a white model in the preview screan.
I have lookt over the forum now several times but can’t find any think about it jet, maybe i’m not looking ad the right place. if that’s so i’m sorry for asking it again.
If it is posible can someone explain to me how it works exporting to egg with the textures?

If you don’t have it yet grab the newer export plugin from : mywolf.org/misc/maxegg2009.dlo

As far as texture/materials go. Use a Standard type material and place your textures it the right slots, and those are:

Diffuse Slot = Color

Bump Slot = Normal

Self-Illumination Slot = Glow

Specular Color Slot = Gloss

Opacity Slot = Modulate

I think multipart/sub-object still don’t work, so if you’re using that, split your mesh by material ID and give each part a separate material.

Also, when you export something it’s best to export right to the directory from what you’ll be loading the model into panda. The patch to the textures are relative to the model.
Eg. if you have your texture in “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\maps”, you export your model to “C:\Documents and Settings{user}\My documents\3dsmax\export” and then move the egg file to “C:\myGame\models” and the texture to C:\myGame\texture" the textures will be blank.

You can also change the texture patch in the egg file itself, just open it with say notepad and look for

a oke this works think i got older version