.Egg animation variables

Alright so im looking into working on some translations right now of a .egg animation file into blender. But i’ve got a snag… I know that the animation variables x, y, & z represent X location, Y location, and Z location. But what do h, p, and r mean? I’ve considered that they represent X rotation, Y, rotation, and Z rotation. I haven’t tested this out yet but am working on it right this moment. If it seems that they don’t line up as rotation points, someone is going to have to help me out here…Thanks.

H P and R mean “heading, pitch and roll”. “heading” is also known as “yaw”. These are commonly known as “flight angles”; it is easy to visualise them using how they are applied using the analogy of an air plane:

So, a yaw/heading value of 90 means that the plane will face to the right, which is actually a rotation around the Z axis.

Also note that it matters in which order the H, P and R components of the rotation are applied. Pitching the airplane 90 degrees and then rolling it produces a different result to first rolling it and then pitching it!