egg 3D model repository?


Is there any website where we can download egg models? Most websites do not offer these models, and they are the most easiest and common way to make something with panda3D.

If there’s interest, i’m willing to make something like this.


There’s one here:
although the models aren’t of very high quality.

Are you talking about a platform where people can more easily share their model files with others? If so, we could perhaps consider hosting that on the Panda3D website, if there is enough need for it, though.

Personally, if I am in need of free models, I simply turn to a site such as OpenGameArt.

I’m indeed talking about a platform where users can upload models themselves.
Would be handy, if someone converts a free model frome website X, they could upload it to the repository, and everybody could enjoy the .egg model. Because converting models isn’t always an easy task (if it’s from certain obscure file formats)

Mainly aimed for beginners, so they can fully focus on 3D development, rather than searching hours for a good 3D model.

If there’s someone who would use this, please post something here. If there’s no enthousiasm, it’s pointless to begin something that must be populated with user-generated content.

That sounds neat. If there is enough interest, I’d help you with setting it up here. We could even set up a little Panda3D applet so that people could view the models in their browser. :slight_smile:

Well, interest or not, I started either way. I think it would be useful.

I’m not really a webdesigner (not at all actually), you can see progress here:
If anyone can make a cool banner, I made some room for it, but I have absolutely no experience with Photoshop/Gimp or similar applications.

At this moment, only the browsing page is made, just retrieving hierarchical categories from the database. Next up: the upload page.