Editor Choice for Panda Project

Hi Everyone,

My team and I are working on a 3d herding game and have chosen panda3d as our engine. This leads me to the question of tools. One of the first things we need is a level editor. I have searched around the forums and Google, with my search proving inconclusive. So what I’d like to ask is, what is the best editor or tool sets for building levels for panda3d or best editor to start with to write my own tools? The basic requirements for my designers are:

set Player Location
Set Animal Location
Terrain Manipulation:
Allows editing level geometry (hills and such)
Set ground texture/type
Place static objects
Set end goal location

If anyone can recommend the best tool or base tool to start modifying it would be greatly appreciated.


With specific goals like that, you’re probably better off rolling your own. You’ll find some nice bits of code for a level editor floating around the forums to get you started.

Any Vanilla editor you recommend?

You can start by looking at the vanilla editor in direct/src/leveleditor. It also has hooks to add in your own game-specific features if you need them. There is little documentation, but the code is readable, and there are some references here in the forums.


To run it all I should need to do it ./ppython LevelEditor.py correct?

I figured out I’m missing wxPython how do I set ppython up with it?

ppython is just a macro to reference the Python that is shipped with Panda. Thus, you just need to install wxPython for that particular Python version.

The easiest way to do this might be to install the same version of Python elsewhere on your system, then install wxPython into that version, and use that version to run Panda.