Editing manual, facilitate contributions

Hi all,

I’m a new pand3d user and i first choose panda3d because of python simplicity (i love python). But I must admit that panda3d suffers a lot from its lack of documentation : I continuously need to search the forum and parse the c++ sources to find simple information that should be in the manual. It’s very frustrating.

So I have one question and one suggestion:

  1. How can I edit the manual to add what I learned ?
  2. I’m an old timer free software “community” member, and it really disturbs me to find no “how to contribute” link at the bottom of panda3d main page :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure people will be glad to know how to they can help the project.

(English is not my first language, i can make weird sentences, sorry for that)


The currently live manual is read-only. A new, Sphinx-based manual (with all of the same content) is in progress and can be found here. Edits are welcome as pull requests.

I agree that we could use some better (and more visible) information on how to contribute to Panda3D.

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We’ve recently begun to set up information on how to contribute, with this as landing page:

Links to more specific content will follow once we’ve made it.


Wow, that was fast ! :muscle:
Great !