Dynamical objects creation

How to create model dynamicaly, like setting vertex coordinates,polygon and uv texture maping? :unamused: This section in manual is unwriten… :frowning: I need to create forms from user writen vertex coordinates and set automaticaly uv maping.

This section of the manual is still unwritten because the interface is about to change dramatically in an upcoming release of Panda3D, so it doesn’t make sense to document the old interface.

However, the egg library interface is not changing; and that is an easier way to create models dynamically than directly accessing the low-level primitives.

There’s an example of using the egg library to create polygons on-the-fly in this thread: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=374

You can also look in the API reference for more information about the interfaces you can use for setting UV coordinates etc. on an EggVertex using the egg library.


Thanks, when i have free time i’ll try it… :slight_smile: