Dynamic HUD? (Or- how to draw on the screen?)

Hey guys,

I’m diving right into Panda3d for my space sim- I’ll have some pretty decent (IMHO) screenshots to show you guys in a little bit, but first…

What’s the best way to do a dynamic head’s up display, similar to that found on fighter aircraft? Is there a simple way to render vectors (lines, boxes, etc) directly to the screen including things like transparencies?

I’ve tried searching the forums but I didn’t find any examples… if we can come up with one together, I’d be happy to post my full solution in the thread if it will help people!

Cheers, Sasa’.

Rendering a HUD is generally done by reparenting geometry to render2d or aspect2d. You can either create appropriate geometry in your normal pipeline, e.g. via Blender or whatever, or you can create dynamic geometry using the normal dynamic geometry mechanisms. For instance, if you want to create dynamic lines and so on, you can use the LineSegs class; to create a card to display a texture, use the CardMaker class.


Okay drwr, thanks a bunch for your insight- I’ve started reading up on render2d and aspect2d and yeah- so far this looks pretty much exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile: