:?: Drawing an infinite textured plane?

I feel really stuck.

I have to create a simple demo, showing a ground and a moving object on it.

The object would infinitely move, so I wan to draw an infinite plane.
It has to be textured in order to see the movement.
The camera would follow the object as it moves.

Any tips / samples are highly appreciated.

infinite planes are impossible, as the clipspace is finite already. there are some tricks tho.

first would be, do it like the infinite-tunnel demo.
2nd. translate the texture coordinates instead (only feasible if you have only one model that moves around)

Yes, I know about clipping and that’s fine, I just want the texture not to end when the object moves towards the infinity - does it make sense?

Currently the only thing I could do was creating a fixed-size Card

I was thinking about moving the texture instead, but I don’t see how does it solve the problem that we move towards the edge of the finite square card.

UPD well, looks like I should put a single big-enough Card, and modulo-reset the object positions when moving outside of its edges…

What ThomasEgi meant is actually:

  1. move the plane with your camera
  2. move the UV layout in the opposite direction (relative to the plane)

With a repeating texture this should be no problem at all.

Or create a plane that is large enough to go around the view frustum, apply the texture, set it to Repeat and set automatic texture coordinates relative to the world (MWorldPosition).