downloading packages on a distant server

I have put my application on a distant server. But when launching it through the web I get this error in p3dcore.log then it stops :

After downloading http://xxxxxx/pkg/0.1/win32/pkg.0.1.win32.xml, failed hash check
expected: 73f7c3a74807565bdd34ed2f7b50d04c
Redownloading contents.xml didn't help.
Done installing pkg: success = 0

In my pdef file I haev set :


It works fine when my package is on my localhost with :


Any ideas ?

Hmm… perhaps you’re using a server that is showing the files with Windows newlines (CR+LF) while the hash of that file is made against the version with Unix newlines (LF), or the other way around?

Try downloading that file using an HTTP GET (eg with a browser or download program) and comparing it against the original version of that file.

Correct, That was it ! I will do all my ssh copy in binary mode now to avoid this.

Thanks a lot for your answer rdb.