Dowloading the screenshots games

Hello guys,

I would like to know if it’s possibile to dowload the games that appears on the screenshots, for example Disney Pinball, I searched it in google but I couldn’t find it. Thanks.

Most of the games shown in the screenshots are not available, but Disney Pinball can be found here: under the “arcade” category.

Also, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online can be played from, of course.


It’s not seem possible to download this game from someone who lives outside the U.S. I live in Brazil, when I try to download following the link you supplied, the disney’s website tries to redirect me to another place, to a international website site, when I do that and choose the disney braziliam website, the game Disney Pinball is not there, only toontown is.

Ah, too bad. Well, there are probably some legal/licensing issues involved there. It is a commercial product, after all, and Disney gets to decide (with the help of their laywers and accountants) who it is to be distributed to.


btw. same happens if you your browser has a non-windows ID.
i mean. i understand legal issues but why kicking out other os’es. its not that good for the reputation of the site in ages like that. hint hint

If you’re complaining to me about it, you’re preaching to the choir. But to the bean counters, it’s all about market share and support costs. You should have seen what it took to get Toontown and Pirates released on the Mac.


nah thats not what i was talking about. i just wondered why they are picky about the OS downloading files. noone asks to port the games.
and i’m only hinting^ not complaining… eh well enough off-topic contribution from my end^ i’ll keep quiet now^
have a nice day