Dont shows the 3d model

I have a model (created with Blender. Version: 2.79b) with arms that are rigged. I Export the model from Blender with YABEE. When i try to Show the egg file in Panda3d it doesnt Shows the arms. Can you help me?


Could you post the .blend file in question as an attachment?

Im a new user i cant upload files :disappointed_relieved:

But here is the MediaFire link:

Where is the mesh of weapons?

I had to take the following steps to get it to export:

  1. Rename the objects with spaces and apostrophes in them so that they don’t have them. This seems to be a bug in YABEE.
  2. Enable the two meshes to be selected; they were disabled from selection in the Outliner, just click the cursor icon:
  3. Go to Object mode, and press A to select all objects before exporting.
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Thats the correct file:
The weapon can i see in Panda3D but the arms not

Sorry for bad english, I am from germany.

Are you still unable to see them after my instructions?

Yes i only see the pistol.

I followed the same instructions I posted on the new model you uploaded and I can see both the arms and the pistol.

Make sure you are in object mode, make sure you have ticked the selectable thing (see screenshot in my previous post), make sure to rename the objects to not have apostrophes or spaces, make sure you select all objects with A, and then export again.

Has the mouse icon to be Transparent or not?

Have you installed your Panda3D from the Website or with pip install?

The cursor icon has to be visible, not transparent. Which Panda3D version I have doesn’t matter because YABEE doesn’t use the installed Panda3D version.

Ohhh thanks it’s showing the hands!!!

But when i load the model as an Actor it doesnt show anything.

If the model shows up in PView, but not in your game, then a few initial possibilities come to mind:

  1. Are you parenting the Actor into the scene-graph? Just running “self.myArms = loader.loadModel(…)” isn’t enough–you have to actually attach the Actor to something for it to show up, I believe.

  2. Is the Actor perhaps ending up behind the camera, or simply clipped by the camera’s near-plane?

    To check the former–and presuming that you haven’t moved the camera–try placing the model in the y-direction, and seeing whether it appears. (i.e. Something like “self.myArms.setPos(0, [someValue], 0)”, where [someValue] is, well, some number (likely negative).)

    Regarding the near-plane, try examining the camera’s lens to check this. If you’re using the default camera, try something like this: “print base.camNode.getLens().getNear()”. For a first-person camera, I’d expect this value to be very low (albeit still positive)–perhaps as low as 0.1 or 0.01.

    You can set the near-distance by calling “setNear([someValue])” on the lens, as accessed above.

Ive already parented the Actor to the scene. Here is my source code:

import math

from direct.showbase import ShowBase as showBase
from import Actor

class game(showBase.ShowBase):

    def __init__(self):

        self.brt = Actor("models/arms")

app = game()

Does anyone have an idea?

Can you post me the code with its working?

For the most part, your code looks fine. There are two problems, as far as I see:

First, I believe that a “near” value of 0 is invalid. (Indeed, the engine should have been producing complaints about “[Trying] to invert [a] singular LMatrix4”.) Try a small value (such as 0.1, or 0.01), but not 0.

Second, as I suggested, offset the model on the y-axis. A quick test on my side indicates that I was wrong about using negative values–my apologies for that! ^^; Instead, use a positive value appropriate to the size of your Actor. (If you don’t see the object at first, try other values.)