Don't install in MX Linux

I was trying to install Panda 3D on Mx Linux and I got this error:


Then I open the terminal and write:
$ sudo apt-get install libassimp-dev

I notice that this command installs libassimp4. There’s no libassimp5 on MXLinux repositories. I’m using MX Linux 19.1 with kernel 5.6. If Panda doesnt support it, what kind of OS it supports?
Why Panda3D don’t distribute an AppImage as many other softwares do?

Panda3d is a library/framework and not an application, so AppImage does not make much sense. If you can (i.e., you’re using Panda’s Python API and not the C++ API), I recommend using pip to install the panda3d package.

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Which download did you grab from the site? We make .deb builds only available for Ubuntu at the moment, and not for MX Linux. However, grabbing the .deb for an older Ubuntu version may work.

As @Moguri pointed out, installing via pip is easier.