Surprised isn’t one yet.

We technically have a working PayPal address for donations, but I have no idea what we would do with the money.

How about setting bounties for frequently requested features? Or as prices for contests (this way we could improve the samples).

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.
There might be something like Kickstarter and Stackoverflow hybrid we could use.

That is a good idea. We’ve thought about something similar a while ago, but we’ve never gotten around to implementing it.

Well, IMO currently most wanted feature is improving blender->panda pipeline. (COLLADA or full featured exporter?)

Getting pipeline improved and than having contest would be kind of good.

Maybe having contest and let winner decide which feature should next be worked on?

From what i see, Bullet is getting much love, many new projects are using it as physics library of choice, we also have librocket for GUI…

I tried searching for Kickstarter alternatives which would be more suitable for funding open source projects.
The main problem with Kickstarter for us is the funding deadlines and more importantly no “sub project” or “sub funding” feature. Say you have a registered project named “Panda3D” and all the features as sub projects or sub funding. That’s my idea.

The only close thing I could find is “”. It has project tags, so we could have “panda3d” as a tag for each feature.

As you see each tag has its own page, so we could link the “panda3d” page from this site.