Does Panda3d have kms drm opengl es driver?

Does Panda3d have kms drm opengl es feature?
Hi i am seen in code but i dont see and i dont know if this feature exist and it is good feature for embeded systems or making games for emuelec. Thanks

Sorry for my bad english.

If that’s what you mean.
Then you need to build a panda with support for embedded systems. For more information, see the help makepanda.

I want build panda for running in emuelec with kms drm opengles driver in arm64 cpu with custom emuelec toolchain, and i am finding in make panda the options to create a custom build script in bash but i think that it will be a lot of work.

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We support rendering via EGL which supports (among other things) headless back-ends. We don’t support directly interfacing with DRM but it probably wouldn’t be much work to make such a back-end assuming there’s an EGL extension for that.