Does loading DDS textures faster than normal (PNG or JPEG)

Hi, I am having a bad performance in my application, especially while launching the app it takes around 28s to load.
so what came to my mind is maybe it is slow because all my 3d models (bam files and some of them are egg) are using normal images (I mean JPG or PNG) instead of DDS, which seemed to me using DDS files faster and the file size smaller.

So will I have a better performance in rendering or even in loading time if I did that?

The decoding process does not affect the rendering speed. However, if you load them in a stream during application startup or on demand, there is a stuttering effect.

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DDS textures are not compressed. And they can contain mipmaps. So the file will be larger, it will be more intensive to load it from disk, but there will not be a decompression step. As for whether this will end up being faster or slower, as with all things, measure it!

It’s hard to say what is taking long to load in your application, without more information. You should use a profiling tool.