Documentation-samples requests

As most of people who are visiting these forums are aware, there are some questions which are often asked.

In most cases reason for this is lack of documentation and samples.

What i would like is to have tutorials for every topic (Astelix did very nice collision system tutorial).

My personal request is to have DirectGUI tutorials done that way.

There are lot of sections in manual which are incomplete.

EDIT1: Also,david’s tutorial videos are said to be good learning resource, i didnt watch them, because i cant see what he writes on board… Gogg is working on getting them out in better quality.

Is there some CMU educational material that others dont know about?

Could we get disney to allow david to make some educational material? (if david is interested ofcourse)

I think it also would be a good idea to have the FAQ sticky to the forum board in the help selection on top of more question answered. For example, there are a lot of questions on C++ vs python, help with collision, keyboard input, shadows, where to start, is panda better than X…

We could also have an advanes FAQ for also building panda 3d.

Tutorials are great, but you have to find someone skilled willing to spend much time, which ain’t easy.

How about reviving the old idea of paid panda resources?
I’m okay with donating 5-10€ for an interesting in-depth tutorial on a requested topic, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
If released under a free license (e.g. CC-BY), we could feed the manual with it afterwards.

I’ve been thinking about the bounty idea again lately. For now, you could use for that purpose.

Seems like that site is more for software projects. Does it also work for projects concerning documentation?