documentation on*

Hi everyone !

I’m new to Panda3D, and I spend a lot of time browsing the documentation, but I am now puzzled. I found some errors in the manual (that I corrected), and most of them were related to*

And I can’t find any documentation about this class and its methods.

Could someone tell me were I can find some doc about it ?

I am using Panda3D at work, and I need to do a FPS-like camera control. Everything works fine, but the mouse control, and from what I have read here and there on the forum, the solution to my problem may be in

First, open your, in Showbase class there is :

__builtins__["base"] = self

so base is the Showbase class instance provided as a builtin global, created when you import DirectStart, and is GraphicsOutput class instance.
BTW, which parts of the manual do you think were erronous ?

About your FPS style cam control, have you disabled the mouse (base.disableMouse()) ?

Thanks a lot for the answer !
(yes, I disabled the mouse, my problem is different)
BTW : is it interesting if I post the code I use for my FPS style cam control ? Of course, not until I am sure it works exactly the way I want it to.

About the manual, I edited the part I think was erroneous, so I think an admin is able to see what I did (I am not very familiar with wikis).
But it was on this page :
I corrected the third piece of code.