Documentation, inaccuracies

I created several images cubemap in blender based on this information in terms of order.

This order is very common, when it comes time to upload them to panda, following the order that panda suggests on this page:

I found that this is not very intuitive and in fact you are confused when determining the order, the incident is aggravated by the fact that half of the information is devoted to the difference with the 3D texture. It is not possible to understand what role the indication of the parties in the view plays here (u, v, w)

In general, this is very bad as documentation. I’m not sure it should be like this.

Admittedly the page does not explain the coordinate system of cube maps very well. The u, v, w coordinates when sampling a cube map are used like a direction vector indicating a point on a sphere that is projected onto the cube map. But it is very uncommon to use UVW-mapping on cube maps, usually a TexGenAttrib is used instead.